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Command & Control Vehicles for UAVs Use Dual-Modem, Advanced Edge Routers for Public Safety

FLYMOTION Provides Reliable & Fast Data Speeds in the Field with Cradlepoint’s AER2100 & AER3100


As the world’s first provider of mobile drone command and control vehicles, FLYMOTION Unmanned Systems needs extremely high bandwidth capabilities and multi-SIM functionality from its mobile networking solutions. FLYMOTION chose Cradlepoint’s AER2100 and AER3100 routing platforms for wireless connectivity that its public sector and law enforcement clients can rely on for high-quality, real-time video transmission from the field.


FLYMOTION’s drone command and control vehicles serve as home base for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the field. These vehicles integrate technologies that enable live video acquisition, management, and distribution—all in a centralized location that can be moved whenever necessary.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, FLYMOTION builds command and control vehicles for government agencies, security organizations, public safety and more throughout the world.


As FLYMOTION’s drone command and control vehicle products began to evolve—the TRIDENT and MAVERICK now are available for custom builds—the company identified a need for more bandwidth, faster data speeds, the ability to run more networks with a higher quantity of SIMs, and a more robust system overall.


FLYMOTION upgraded from Cradlepoint’s MBR Series to Cradlepoint’s AER2100 and AER3100 Advanced Edge Routing platforms. These solutions, which fit nicely in the sizable equipment racks located inside the command vehicles, have two modem slots, which enable wireless-to-wireless failover.



Many of the organizations that utilize these vehicles are responsible for public safety, so uptime is incredibly important. Cradlepoint’s AER2100 and AER3100 routing platforms enable FLYMOTION to cultivate robust bandwidth and faster speeds for its customers’ mission-critical applications and networking needs—even as they travel in unpredictable terrain.


Using AER2100s or AER3100s with two modem slots, these command vehicles are capable of load balancing and wireless-to-wireless failover, as well as failover from LTE to satellite-based Internet coverage.


Cradlepoint’s open API makes it easy for FLYMOTION to integrate a wide variety of technologies and devices into one system.

“That is our pipeline—our central core—
for network management. It’s all being run through there. Cradlepoint has made this piece quite easy,” said Ryan English, president and co-founder at FLYMOTION.


Equipped with Cradlepoint solutions, FLYMOTION’s command and control vehicles present public safety organizations with options including dual- SIM functionality in each modem and Enterprise Cloud Manager for instant, real-time network management from a centralized office.

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Having secure wireless internet is essential to our daily operations as well as those of our clients. We choose to implement Cradlepoint into all of our command systems because we know they work. We have thoroughly tested and evaluated these systems and they have yet to let us down.



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