FLYMOTION is an industry leader delivering turnkey Unmanned Systems, innovative technology solutions, system integration and aerial flight services to Public Safety, GovernmentDefense and more. We ensure the highest level of client satisfaction and support. Drone technology has proven to be a critical, cost-effective tool in many diverse industries. We’ve assembled a team of experts dedicated to overseeing your UAS implementation every step of the way, making full integration effortless. FAA Licensed.

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FLYMOTION Solutions & Services

Public Safety

Combined, our team holds decades of experience in military and law enforcement special operations allowing us to anticipate your Unmanned Aerial System requirements, and pair you with a platform and specialized training that will optimize your operations in the Public Safety sector.

Drone Training

We offer premier drone training to many industries, focusing on real-world scenario based flying to ensure you are ready for real-world operations. When the time to respond and capture aerial imagery or data, you will be ready!

Industrial Inspection

Whether inspecting live flare stacks, power lines, cell towers, hyperboloid cooling towers at your power plant, or acquiring detailed aerial imagery of critical structures key to public safety, customizable Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) provide a variety of information gathering devices for industrial use.


Our team of UAS consulting experts can assist any organization with introducing the latest in drone technology, training and support into your operation to help you optimize personnel and resources, attract new clients, and stay within your allotted budget.

STEM Education

Our team has assisted numerous educational institutions implement UAS programs for their students. From training personnel, picking the best system for their purposes, and providing mobile classroom command vehicles, we have developed a unique skillset for program implementation.


Whether it’s aerial cinematography for film, television, internal communications, training or corporate events, our highly-skilled drone pilots have a profound understanding of framing, composition, lighting and technical aspects, providing some of the highest-quality drone cinematography in the industry.

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