Northwestern agriculture land of the United States that have suffered wildfires and disasters now have much more hope to be reborn. DroneSeed, a UAS company based in Seattle, WA, is pioneering a niche space in ‘drone reforestation’ as they call it. Their team promises drones to be airborne on a post-fire land site within 30 days of the incident.

What’s more is the official approval they received from the FAA. According to UAS Weekly, BVLOS—Beyond Visual Line of Sight—permits have a 1% approval rating from the FAA. Over 1,200 BVLOS exemption applications have been applied for, all of which have been disapproved. Flying sUAS and UAS drones without the pilot maintaining visual contact increases risk exponentially.

DroneSeed is utilizing their FAA Part 333 exemption to assist in replanting seeds in barren lands. On the upside, they are saving human lives and providing access to public lands where human planters cannot easily reach by ground. For more details, click here to finish the article.



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