More and more communities are seeing the tremendous value of their local Fire Departments utilizing drones for search and rescue and live-saving missions. Therefore, it makes sense for unmanned aerial systems to be integrated into public safety departments across the board. However, this is an issue when it comes to mass adoption…

“Without proper understanding of how to integrate drones into public safety efforts, fire departments may deploy drones inaccurately; may inappropriately gather information during an incident; and may interfere with manned and unmanned flight operations in the area. All these missteps needlessly expose fire departments to liability, explains NFPA.”

As public safety UAS experts, we understand the value of properly integrating drones into public safety agencies. Drone use within public safety is something that needs to be integrated, yes, but implemented safely and legally within accordance to FAA regulations, state and federal law.

Contact FLYMOTION to assist in establishing your drone program safely, legally, and properly. We are here to support those who serve.



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