Drone delivery of packages is just now coming onto people’s radar. Some customers are able to receive packages via drones, but it is nowhere near mass adoption; we’re just getting started. White and brown delivery trucks maintain the norm when it comes to package delivery.

IBM has stepped up to thwart an existing issue of package theft, but by different means than one might think. If a delivery driver can drop a package at your front door, another less ethical person could steal it. With the increase of drone use, the possibilities can be extrapolated with drones.

If one drone delivers your package, another drone piloted by that same less ethical person could descend and steal it. IBM has developed a patent to stop this from happening—or even starting in the first place. Their goal is to tie an internet-connected altimeter to the package, which would track the altitude and GPS location of the package.

Keep in mind: this is a patented concept from IBM and the theory behind the process makes great sense. We’ll have to see what comes out from IBM to know for sure. The UAS industry, it seems, never seizes to innovate!

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