FLYMOTION Trident drone mobile command center

It has been over a year since we released our Trident mobile drone command and control vehicle and we could not be happier with the reception and success we have received from around the country. Trident has been our go-to vehicle since the day it was built and has continued in that role for over a year. It has traveled all over the country showcasing our full capabilities of what we can custom build having integrated drone operability.

Virginia Trident

We have traveled across the country multiple times in the last year and Trident has been there every step of the way; from Tampa to Las Vegas, D.C., Georgia, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, North Carolina, Texas and many more states.  It has also traveled through nearly every city in Florida. On more than one occasion we have been 8 hours into a drive and received an email, Facebook tag, or tweet showing Trident driving down the road on some empty interstate on the way to the next location. It has exceeded expectations in every operation and has allowed us the flexibility to go where we are needed at any moment.

You can read about the initial release of Trident in UAS Magazine here.

Some of Trident’s more memorable trips:

Guardian Centers TridentTrident WildfireTrident Nuclear PlantRyan in TridentTrident TennesseeTrident School

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