With every new technology, there will always be positives and negatives. Above, we discussed the DJI Aeroscope, which would fall under drone detection technology—generally detecting, identifying, and tracking sUAS drones. Counter UAS (C-UAS) is the process of intercepting and forcibly grounding sUAS aircraft.

As of this email, there are 537 official counter UAS technology solutions on the market. Keep in mind that ‘official’ does not mean the technologies are always properly regulated, reviewed or—dare we say it—legal.

One major upside is that the need to effectively and safely ground undesired drones for security purposes is clearly visible on the industry’s radar. On the other hand, one major downside is that the industry is growing and expanding, but at the present moment, it’s a wide-open playing field. Anyone can participate in UAS or C-UAS technology without much oversight.

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With 5 years’ experience in the industry and decades of experience in the public safety industry, FLYMOTION has itself vested in C-UAS solutions. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about our counter sUAS solutions, contact us directly at sales@flymotionus.com.



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