Recently, the sUAS industry has experienced tremendous growth in the Commercial and Enterprise sectors. More organizations, agencies, corporations, and individuals are utilizing sUAS technology. Due to the growing industry, there is a growing concern for public safety and air traffic safety. As a result, DJI in partnership with FLYMOTION has released its first drone detection system: AeroScope.

AeroScope Counter UAV Drone Detection AeroScope is a DJI drone detection system. The drone detection technology allows the user to track telemetry data for each aircraft within a radius of up to 50km. AeroScope will help personnel at locations such as government facilities, military facilities, stadiums, airports, ports, correctional facilities, energy facilities, power plants and other critical institutions to detect, locate, identify, and track all DJI UAV within the detection range. Once the user receives what DJI calls an “electronic license plate”, the proper authorities can respond appropriately.

There are three configurations available for AeroScope: a mobile unit, a single stationary unit, and a quad stationary unit. A single unit, whether mobile or stationary, has a range of approximately 5km – 20km. However, for institutions seeking the ultimate drone detection solution, a stationary quad AeroScope unit is available. This system boasts a range of detection of up to 50kmproviding the user with unprecedented drone detection.

AeroScope Counter UAV Solutions Comparison

DJI technology that Detects, Locates, Identifies, and Tracks

AeroScope’s real-time monitoring brings unprecedented security and safety to your airspace with detection, location, identification and tracking capabilities. Law enforcement and other similar agencies are able to easily detect abnormal drone behaviors and respond accordingly.

By intercepting the data shared between the UAV and controller, the system is able to:

  • Detect all DJI UAV within range
  • Locate the UAV and pilot
  • Identify speed and altitude of aircraft
  • Track and plot the UAV’s flight path

AeroScope Counter UAV Solutions

FLYMOTION and AeroScope

We are proud to announce that DJI has selected FLYMOTION to be the Certified sales, installation and training provider for AeroScope. 

FLYMOTION has been heavily involved with DJI in the testing and development of AeroScope. We have also had the opportunity to test its functionality in multiple real-world environments, most notably one of the world’s most televised New Year’s events. After using this technology in the field, we have no doubt that this AeroScope is revolutionary to the UAS industry.

FLYMOTION is also pleased to announce that we can fully integrate these drone detection capabilities into your command center or our line of custom Command Vehicles. With this integration, a command center can now take drone detection capabilities on the road.

AeroScope Counter UAV Stationary Unit


We are now shipping AeroScope units!  Also, be sure to check for more of our UAS stories!

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