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Perfect for the Enterprise and Maritime industries, the ME40 autonomous survey boat serves as your one-stop hydrographic surveying solution as an unmanned surface vehicle (USV).

Complete water surveying with rapid installation using an acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) and the accompanying echosounder. The ADCP is a hydroacoustic current meter similar to a sonar, used to measure water current velocities over a depth range using the Doppler effect of sound waves scattered back from particles within the water column.

Instruments, like ADCPs, echosounders and side scan sonars, with diameter of 5 cm to 18 cm can be rapidly installed to the dedicated cabin on the USV.

Stay On Target With Automatic Mission Planning:

·         Operators can pre-program the survey mission with the base station on the bank. The USV and instruments can conduct surveys autonomously and send back real-time data.
·         Operators can also drive the USV manually by a remote controller.

Intelligent collision avoidance

·         With ultrasonic sensors, the ME40 USV can detect and bypass obstacles 10 meters ahead to avoid collision.

·         In manual mode, user can observe water environment by the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles.

The ME40 brings higher speed and less maintenance — a plug-and-play design, the high-speed outboard propellers are easy to maintain for all future missions.


Hull Material: Fiberglass composite with Kevlar and Carbon fiber

Dimension: 64.2” L x 28” W x 14.5” H (163 cm x 71 cm x 37 cm)

Weight: 72.8 pounds (33 kg)

Payload : 33 pounds (15 kg)

Draft: 25 cm

Propulsion: Electric outboard propeller

Obstacle Avoidance: 32 feet (10 m)

Communication Range                   Autopilot: 1.24 mi (2 km)

Remote Control: 0.62 mi (1 km)

Max. Speed: 10 knots (5 m/s)

Battery Life: 4 hours @ 3.3 mph (1.5 m/s)


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