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Developed for the most demanding UAS operators within the defense, security, and public safety markets, the FLIR SkyRanger R70 establishes a new benchmark for small UAS performance and reliability. With its expanded carrying capacity, open architecture, and advanced autonomy and artificial intelligence, the R70 is redefining what’s possible with a small VTOL UAS.

The R70’s multi-mission payloads provide ISR and payload delivery capabilities previously limited to much larger UAS. Optical sensors include the StormCaster-T a longwave infrared, continuous zoom ISR payload with exceptional line of sight stabilization, range of motion and geolocation accuracy, the HDZoom 30 providing eyes-on-target at distances up to 8 km and the EO/IR Mk-II for high-fidelity daylight and thermal imagery streamed securely anywhere in the world. With the Osprey, R70 operators can rapidly attach, carry and deliver nearly any object up to 3.5 kg for forward resupply, asset extraction or other
specialized missions.


Key Features

AUTONOMOUS AND INTELLIGENT — With multiple embedded NVIDIA TX2 processors, the R70 is a flying supercomputer with an engine for real-time artificial intelligence at the network edge, including object detection and classification. Four dedicated computer vision cameras enable autonomous operations, landing on a moving target and flights in GPS-denied environments.

CARRY MULTI-MISSION PAYLOADS UP TO 3.5 KG — With the new Osprey carry and delivery payload, R70 operators can attach and deliver nearly any object up to 3.5 kg such as radios, ground sensors, medkits, and more. The R70 adds a new front-mounted EO/IR payload to supplement bottom-mounted, non-camera payloads.

RESILIENT AND BATTLE-TESTED — The R70’s carbon fiber and magnesium airframe is tested to IP-54/MIL-810G environmental tolerances. In flight the R70 can withstand sustained winds up to 65 kph, and operate up to 15,000’ MSL. Mission success is underpinned by a robust digital MIMO communications link and two independent navigation subsystems. The R70 is able to execute semi-autonomous missions without an active wireless link for operations in denied RF environments.

FLEXIBLE & MODULAR — The Unmanned Development Kits (UDK) further extend the SkyRanger platform for end users, enabling complex integrations and rapid development of capabilities to meet tomorrows evolving mission sets. The UDK provides a full set of APIs, electro-mechanical models, tools and development hardware to enable meaningful native integrations and provide capability extension.



  • Immediate ISR
  • Clandestine Operations
  • Payload Delivery
  • Situational Awareness
  • Beyond Line-of-Sight Reconnaissance
  • Force Protection


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