A New Way to See the World

MOVERIO smart glasses are setting the standard in Augmented Reality. The smallest, most comfortable and most affordable smart eyewear on the market. A growing ecosystem of software and hardware ensure the future expansion of capabilities. When used in conjunction with drone operations, you will immediately recognize their value in flight. Pair it with the DJI Mavic Pro for a small and fun flight package.

Situational Awareness

The Epson Moverio smart glasses allow for the operator to keep situational awareness during flight. These are not virtual reality glasses, they are augmented reality, an image is projected onto the glasses but you still retain the ability to see through the image. This provides you with the ability to watch what is happening around you while still seeing the feed from the drone.

Heads Up Flying

Forget about having a tight neck after hours of flying. You will no longer be hunched over your controller staring at a tablet or smartphone. While wearing the smart glasses you can keep an eye on the drone during flight and get the important telemetry you need.

Full Internet Capability

The Moverios are an Android based device meaning they have full internet connectivity. Once connected to Wi-Fi you can search the internet just as you would on your phone. After a long day of flying, lay down in bed and watch a movie on the glasses. Or read the news while eating breakfast. The options are endless and development is ongoing for more features and capabilities.


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