The Matrice 200 Series V2 is an upgraded industrial drone platform designed for any task, no matter how tough. The M200 Series V2 retains the rugged design, simple setup, and easy customization of the first-generation drones, with more robust systems that improve flight performance, and added safety and security features. Professionals from a variety of industries can rely on the M200 Series V2 to execute their daily tasks more safely and efficiently.

The series includes three models of Matrice. The Matrice 200 V2 is a reliably tough craft which provides features such as FPV Camera, Anti-collision Beacon, Discreet Mode, Mobile SDK Compatibility, DJI SkyPort Compatibility and TimeSync. The Matrice 210 V2 offers adaptability on the go, offering onboard SDK Compatibility and Power Onboard Devices on top of the M200 features. For powerful precision, the Matrice 210 RTK adds to the M210 features with built-in, high-performance RTK Modules and D-RTK 2 Mobile Station Compatibility.


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