Unlimited Flight Time — no more downtime while swapping out batteries! Connected to the Blue Vigil tether, your drone will have unlimited flight time.

Launch & Leave — once at the desired altitude compatible drones will generally hold their position without needing a constant operator input.

Continuous Power — with generator, inverter, or household power input, the system provides continuous power to the drone.

• Use with drones already in your fleet
• Install and uninstall in the field in seconds
• Easy to transport
• 50m (164 feet) standard cable length
• Automatic cable management keeps constant tension on the cable
• Affordable tether power system
• Made and serviced in America

The Blue Vigil RS1000 operates with these DJI drones: Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 200/210 (including RTK models), or any drone that operates on a 12 V or 24 V battery. Some drones may require an adaptor.

• Unlimited flight duration
• Powers most UAV by replacing the OEM battery with the Blue Vigil Replacement Module (BRM)
• Set it and forget it – once deployed the integrated flight control system will keep the UAV in hover over the ground power station
• 1500 W of sustained power
• Peak power output of 1600 W
• System accepts 110 V-240 V AC input


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