Drone Training For Law Enforcement

Drones, Robotics, Communications, and Training Solutions for Law Enforcement

Thin Blue Line

FLYMOTION is proud to support our men and women in blue across local, state, and federal law enforcement. Large departments and small agencies alike are starting their own Drone as First Responder (DFR) programs to assist in officer-involved calls and faster responses. We proudly offer our advanced technologies, mobile command vehicles, trainings, and more to ensure that our law enforcement personnel are prepared to face the evolving threats of today's day and age.

Drones For Law Enforcement

Drones are poised to transform law enforcement operations at a pace not seen since the advent of body-worn cameras. The relatively low cost of drones means they can be used by organizations of all sizes. Thermal-capable drones can be used to track wanted suspects while smaller UAS can assist in clearing structures rather than sending a SWAT operator into harm's way.

In-Depth Drone Training

Our training catalog offers the most advanced, industry-specific trainings that apply to law enforcement operations. We provide introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses covering indoor flight tactics, vehicle interdiction, night operations, UAS/K9 tactics, incident command integration, and more. Custom trainings available upon request.

Law Enforcement OPS

Watch our "UAS Law Enforcement Operations" webinar with Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) and Motorola Solutions. The same hardware and strategic solutions implemented into CVPD can easily augment any department's productivity and safety. We are ready and willing to assist—simply reach out to us via our contact page to get started with a DFR program.


Law Enforcement: OPERATOR Drone Kit

Law Enforcement: ETL Add-On Drone Kit


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