Drones & Robotics For Fire Rescue

Drones, Robotics, Communications, and Training Solutions for Fire Rescue

Forged By Fire

Combined fire rescue and first responder experience runs in our blood and sweat, leading to the foundation of FLYMOTION in 2014. To this day, we regularly supply, train, and support fire departments across the country and even outside the lower 48 contiguous states. From unmanned aerial, ground, and maritime to handheld thermal and communications solutions, FLYMOTION offers advanced technologies designed to improve your operational efficiency on land, air, and sea.

How Drones Help Fire Rescue Operations

Fire department drones are poised to be the one of the next technologies to redefine emergency response. Uses for UAS are continually developing and are already in use locating wildfire sources and water distribution targets, surveying mass casualty accidents and disaster sites, and providing eye-in-the-sky views of active fires.

Trust In Thermal

Given the thermographic nature of fires, departments are rapidly utilizing handheld thermal imaging cameras (TICs) and aerial thermal payloads to better observe and understand their manned environments. Discovering heat signatures unseen to the human eye on the ground or from a safe elevation can save countless lives.

Robotics For Fire Rescue

Unmanned robotics with the ability to fight fires are no longer a vision of the future. They are a solution of the present. Systems such as the Colossus from Shark Robotics deploy into dangerous operations where ground teams cannot safely enter. Inquire further with FLYMOTION to discuss integrating thermography and robotics solutions into your operations.


Fire Rescue: DOIN’ IT Drone Kit

Fire Rescue: HOT ZONE Add-On Drone Kit


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