Disaster Response

Become a Pilot and Join our Team

For years, FLYMOTION has offered certified pilots the ability to join us when we deploy for storm response and disaster relief efforts. Our offer always stands giving the dynamic changes our world endures.
If you're interested in paid contracting opportunities with us through our Preferred Pilot Program (P3), we encourage you to fill out our form.

Disaster Response Services

FLYMOTION's team of certified pilots have decades of combined experience responding to disasters using advanced technology through our veteran and public safety backgrounds. As an industry leader, FLYMOTION is trusted to deliver disaster assessments efficiently. Our wide array of advanced technology solutions like drones, command vehicles, LTE and satellite connectivity, communications equipment, etc. can be utilized as critical tools in disaster response and relief efforts. UAS can assist ground teams to conduct search and rescue missions, map affected areas, and survey damage.

Hands-On Technology

Our teams have deployed on numerous disaster response calls by providing aerial assistance to responding crews on the ground in critical and post-event scenarios. This aerial perspective dubbed 'overwatch' has allowed for faster damage assessment and 2D/3D mapping of affected areas which provides a more cost-effective and successful mission.

Command Vehicle Mobility

Our command vehicles, namely our flagship assets, MAVERICK and TRIDENT, allow us to travel anywhere under rapid deployment and set up operations to provide eyes on the disaster zone. Whether a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, or any other disaster, FLYMOTION's fleet of unmanned aerial, ground, and maritime vehicles and technology can be effectively utilized to accomplish the mission at hand.

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