Mobile Command Vehicles

Mobile Command Vehicles custom engineered to meet your operational requirements.













Guardian Series

Vehicle Type: ARMORED
Our GUARDIAN series brings technical operators to the tactical edge, boasting the full capabilities of a mobile command center in a fully armored chassis. Improve situational awareness, connectivity, and deployment speeds by transporting your unmanned operations safely into hostile and kinetic environments.

Trident Series

Vehicle Type: VAN
TRIDENT series serves as one of the most versatile yet sophisticated mobile command vehicles FLYMOTION offers with room for multiple workstations, equipment storage, power racks, satellite/LTE connectivity configurations, and off-road capabilities.

Maverick Series

Vehicle Type: SUV
MAVERICK series serves as a rapid deployment vehicle capable of cellular bonding technology, streaming live HD video to any location across the globe with ease. Rugged, compact, and powerful, the MAVERICK series brings a new meaning to command and control.

Overwatch Series

Flymotion Overwatch

Vehicle Type: TRAILER
OVERWATCH series is designed from the inside out to be a mobile versatile independently-powered command center. Our engineers use every inch with pass-through doors, rooftop access, indoor/outdoor workstations, streaming capabilities, and more.

Storm Series

Flymotion Storm SUV

Vehicle Type: TRUCK or SUV
STORM series brings vast technology integration for the purposes of weather tracking, documenting, broadcast, event inspections, and more. Typically, STORM teams operate with less manpower, allowing more hardware into a standard truck or SUV chassis.

Strike Series

Flymotion Strike Vehicle

Vehicle Type: OFF-ROAD
Defense organizations select STRIKE series vehicles for matters of defending the homeland, training, and real-world operations. These off-road, heavy duty, and agile chassis' are ideal for intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance (ISTAR), and mobility.

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