Train Like You Operate

Our training instructors provide a one-on-one connection to our clients. Training goes beyond regurgitating correct information, but understanding and demonstrating full competency. Our training classes are backed by ongoing continued education supplemented with decades of professional military and public safety operational experience. We offer our Unmanned Tactical Application Courses (UTAC) to any organization comprised of enterprise, public safety, security, government, and defense personnel.






Pilot Proficiency

Training new students on the proper use of drone technology is one of our passions. Becoming a proficient pilot brings with it a great deal of responsibility. FLYMOTION takes drone training very seriously given the dynamic UAS industry and extensive FAA regulations. We instill our students with a healthy respect of the aircraft and the proper understanding of how to manipulate it in the desired manner.

FAA Licensed

FAA Part 107 licenses are great for providing a legal minimum standard to operate. Anyone can become an FAA licensed drone pilot simply buy purchasing a commercial drone and undergoing a self-administered test. However, competency in safe piloting procedures is not a guarantee. UAS operations are a never-ending pursuit of improvement, therefore, we provide our clients with a strong foundation upon which they can build from.

Hands-On Training

Hands-on training by experts is the key to success in an operational environment. We provide the tools and techniques you need in order to rapidly progress to higher competency levels. Our Unmanned Tactical Application Courses provide basic knowledge and real-world application by incorporating operational factors like vehicles, K9 units, red-teams, environmental challenges, and more.

Real-World Environments

We offer all of our trainings in realistic environments to meet the needs of our clients. Our Unmanned Tactical Application Courses (UTAC) can be instructed at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Tampa, Florida or at a remote location specified by the trainee. Many agencies see the benefit of training in their own backyard and acclimating their pilots to their own area of operations. FLYMOTION also offers our trainings at a variety of affiliated sites, such as Guardian Centers—a 830-acre facility used by agencies and military units from around the world and conveniently located just 90 minutes south of Atlanta, GA.