Tactical Drone Training

Experience state-of-the-art Tactical Drone Training with FLYMOTION. Enhance operational skills with our certified courses tailored to public safety professionals.

Decades of Expertise: FLYMOTION's Tactical Drone Training Heritage

FLYMOTION was built upon a wealth of public safety operational experience. As industry leaders, we have been privileged to train numerous top-tier fire rescue and law enforcement agencies across the United States. Our commitment to offering tactical drone training to public safety professionals using the most sophisticated unmanned systems and drone technology is unwavering.

The FLYMOTION Advantage: Accredited Tactical Drone Training Courses

Our tactical drone training extends to a multitude of Unmanned Tactical Application Courses, certified and accredited by Florida State University’s Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP). Courses can be easily identified through the FSU logo in our course catalog. Remember to register quickly when new classes become available.

Unmanned Tactical Application Courses: Where Practice Meets Reality

We provide tactical drone training in realistic environments to best meet our client's needs. Our Unmanned Tactical Application Courses (UTAC) are offered at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Tampa, FL, as well as various affiliate locations, including the Guardian Centers.

Hands-On Tactical Drone Training: The Key to Success

Experiential learning from professionals is crucial for success in any operational environment. With our tactical drone training, you acquire the tools and techniques needed to rapidly elevate your competency level.

Setting High Standards: The FLYMOTION Promise

At FLYMOTION, we strive to standardize proficiency across all pilots, particularly those new to UAS integration within public safety. This is why we trust and implement the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) into many of our tactical drone training courses.

The Path to Comprehensive Tactical Drone Training

Creating a comprehensive tactical drone training program presents both technical and tactical challenges. It's essential to address evolving regulations for the use of UAS, the expanding roles for police deployment of UAS, public approval for drone operations, and safety incorporation as highlighted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).