Streamline your operations with innovative end-to-end technology solutions tested and vetted by industry leading experts.

Real Solutions in Real Time

Our vetted technology offerings and services are backed by decades of hands-on military and public safety experience. Each solution is rigorously tested for real-world operations, when the call of duty must be answered. FLYMOTION's R&D team understands the need to bring real solutions to agencies and organizations that work in real time.






Unmanned Systems

Our team has assisted in the creation and development of UAS programs worldwide-from small public safety agencies, enterprise fleets, to defense and government organizations. From start to finish, our drone subject matter experts work with our clients to select the correct hardware and software to accomplish their mission. To supplement the sUAS we provide, FLYMOTION can train your pilots to a proficient level for scalable operations and missions.


Primarily used to identify an active heat source, FLYMOTION provides thermal imaging solutions for land, air, and sea. Within the array of technology, we provide thermal aerial sensors, thermal imaging cameras, and tactical thermal monoculars, as well as fixed-mounted long range thermal cameras specifically engineered for mobile command vehicles and maritime vessels across all public safety, enterprise, and private sectors.


No matter the mission, utilizing the necessary software is key. FLYMOTION integrates and provides the leading software for a variety of operational needs. Our team works in tandem with industry partners and developers to ensure that the solutions we provide excel in the field. We can integrate TAK, 2D/3D ortho-mosaic mapping, LIDAR, drone fleet management, drone health management, UAS maintenance and more into your daily operations.

Counter Unmanned Systems

The increasing adoption of UAS for consumers and professionals brings an added risk of drones being used by nefarious actors. Airspace security is paramount when protecting property, critical infrastructure, and sensitive sites. To mitigate risks we provide drone detection, drone mitigation, and full-suite counter-UAS technology solutions via mobile, wearable, and fixed-site installations.


Operational success depends on solid two-way communication. This is why FLYMOTION provides industry-leading comms hardware—to ensure your missions run smoothly and efficiently. Our quality and field-tested solutions are the most reliable that the industry has to offer. From handheld and in-ear radios, mass notification systems and tactical bullhorns, speaker payloads, PA systems, and more, FLYMOTION reads you Lima Charlie.


Earning our trusted seal of approval, FLYMOTION uses the same solutions operationally that we provide to our clients. Our diverse end-to-end connectivity and mobility products open up possibilities to integrate mobile devices, lines of service, field-ready GPS, 4G LTE/5G/multi-carrier and satellite connections, low-latency live streaming, and more into various organizations.