• Unmanned Aerial Systems

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    FLYMOTION offers a wide variety of sUAS aircraft and separate accessories for public safety, government, and defense professionals. We have specific products for use within the HazMat and CBRNe applications under public safety. Various systems and packages can be tailored to meet your exact requirements from drones to sensors and gimbal cameras and accessories, and more.
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  • Mission Case LTE

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    FLYMOTION developed the Mission Case LTE through various partnerships. The Mission Case LTE is a multi-carrier 3G/4G/LTE connectivity and communications kit. It's housed in ruggedized, lightweight, mil-spec carrying case with the purpose to bring mission-critical connectivity to remote areas and field operations for first responders and public safety professionals.
  • Handheld Systems

    Handheld Systems (1)

    With UAS, we understand there is a need for accessories. FLYMOTION offers a wide variety of accessories both for drones, handheld systems, controllers, flight sensors and more. Inquire about any product we offer or if there is a product we can procure to meet your requirements.
  • Apparel (10)

    The FLYMOTION "Supporting Those Who Serve" apparel line was built on the principle to support those who serve in public safety, government, and defense. First responders have dedicated their lives to protecting all of us and we cannot thank them enough. Currently, we offer a line of hats, t-shirts, patches, and flight tags with more to come!