Drone Training for Public Safety and Commercial Operators

Our drone training instructors provide a one-on-one connection to our clients. Ensuring that they don’t just have the correct information but they understand that information. Finding answers online is easy, but our answers are backed with decades of operational experience.

We offer both online and in-person Part 107 training.

Guardian Centers Training Facility

A key aspect of all training is having a realistic environment. FLYMOTION drone training at Guardian Centers brings you an 830 acre urban and wilderness training facility located in Perry, Georgia. The facility has a full scale city-scape complete with collapsed buildings, subway system, flood zone, and much more. FLYMOTION’s focus on scenario-based flight training is further enhanced by this state of the art facility. Providing students access to real-life obstacles and situations so they will be better prepared when they return to their respective units. Guardian Centers is used by local, state, and federal agencies as well as military units from around the world. The training facility is unlike any other and will ensure maximum skill takeaway for all students that attend these courses.

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Over 830 acres of wilderness, city-scape, firing ranges, driving tracks, subway systems, and much more. If there is a scenario you can imagine, it can be done at Guardian Centers. Having the ability to fly in a safe urban environment will ensure you have the proper skills when you are called on a real operation and need to fly near buildings, cars, and other obstacles.

Guardian centers drone

The collapsed structures provide an unbeatable environment to practice disaster response scenarios. Live explosions, fires, and mock HAZMAT can all be accomplished at the facility.

guardian centers

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We offer UAS training for the following:

  • Police, Fire, Para-Military organizational training in utilizing unmanned systems for SAR, Special Operations Forces, SWAT, or Public Safety Operations
  • Commercial, Corporate or Professional Photographers in the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marketing, Corporate Events or Orientation Purposes
  • STEM and Educational Technology Programs

We tell our clients that anyone can become an FAA licensed drone pilot or just go buy a drone. However, that does not mean that they are a competent or safe pilot. Flying is a never ending pursuit of improvement, we provide our clients with a strong foundation upon which they can build.

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Training newcomers on the proper use of drone technology is very fun, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. We take drone training very seriously as they may look like toys, but if used improperly they can become very dangerous. We always instill our students with a healthy respect of the aircraft and the proper knowledge and understanding of how to manipulate it in the desired manner.

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FAA Part 107 licenses are great for providing a legal minimum standard to operate, however, they are by no means the end all be all of training. Hands-on training is the key to success in an operational environment, providing tangible skills for real world situations. We provide the tools and techniques for you to learn to fly and rapidly progress to a higher skill level. Yet, continuous practice is a must if you want to keep those skills.

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