We provide a one-on-one connection to our clients and ensure that they don’t just have the correct information but they understand that information. Anyone can find answers to a question online but it is not backed up with years of experience in the real world. When consulting we are not in this for the short term, we truly want others to understand the field that we are passionate about and that we want to see succeed.

List of supported industries:

  • Police, Fire, Para-Military organizational training in utilizing unmanned systems for SAR, Special Forces, SWAT, or Public Safety Operations
  • Commercial or Corporate use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marketing, Training, Corporate Events or Orientation Purposes
  • Civilian use for Professional Photographers or Hobbyists
  • STEM and Educational Technology Programs

We like to tell our clients that anyone can become a licensed drone pilot or go to any retailer and buy a drone, but that does not mean that they are a competent or a safe pilot. Flying is a never ending pursuit of improvement and we aim to provide our clients with a strong foundation upon which they can build.

Training newcomers on the proper use of drones is a very fun task but it comes with a lot of responsibility. We take training very seriously as drones may look like toys, but if used improperly they can become very dangerous. We always instill our students with a healthy respect of the aircraft and the proper knowledge and understanding of how to manipulate the aircraft in the desired manner.

Licenses are great for providing a legal minimum standard to operate, however, they are by no means the end all be all of training. We stress the importance of hands-on training to everyone we come into contact with because we believe practice is the only method by which one can become a skilled pilot. We provide the tools and techniques for you to learn to fly and rapidly progress to a higher skill level, but continuous practice is a must if you want to keep those skills.

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