Drones are vital tools for disaster response, they can aid in search and rescue efforts, map the path of storms, and survey damage after the event. We have experience in responding to disasters using traditional means during our time in public safety. We quickly recognized the viability of drones in large disaster scenarios and we began to implement them immediately.

Hurricane Irma Drone

Our teams have deployed on numerous disaster response calls and have provided aerial assistance to responding crews on the ground. This aerial perspective has allowed for faster damage assessment and mapping of an affected area which provides a more cost effective and successful mission.

Our command vehicles allow us to travel anywhere we are needed and quickly get up and operational to provide eyes on to the disaster zone. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood, or any other event; drones can be effectively utilized to achieve the mission.

Search and Rescue is a key component of disaster response and having a drone can make this task much easier, which in turn will save lives. A FLIR (infrared) camera can be mounted to the drone allowing for quicker recognition of body heat; this can make all the difference when trying to locate a missing individual.

Ultimately, drones are simply another tool to be used in disaster response, but they greatly increase the effectiveness of the response and can save many live if used correctly.

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