Silvus Streamcaster 4400 Enhanced (SC4400E)


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With great power comes great capability.

SC4400E delivers the power of 4×4 MIMO in a ruggedized package. SC4400E is ideal for use in fixed infrastructure, vehicular, long range, and airborne applications where maximum performance is desired.


Up to 8 Watts of output power (up to 32W effective performance thanks to TX beamforming)Rugged outdoor rated housing with optional pole mount and surface mount hardware available in 3 form factors to suit a variety of applications:
Rugged with straight RF connectors (designed to be mounted horizontally) Rugged with right angle RF connectors (designed to be mounted vertically) Non-rugged OEM (for embedding in custom products and sub-systems

User-customizable multi-position switch for loading presets and zeroizing crypto

Improved connectors and tie-down points for weather caps

RoIP tethering and dual PTT

IP68 enclosure (submersible to 20 meters)

Smart battery % monitoring (for SC4200EP)

FIPS140-2 Level 2 encryption

MANET Interference Avoidance (MAN-IA)


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