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As of 2/2/2021, the SPOT ARM is now available through FLYMOTION, a BostonDynamics Gold Partner. Meet the mobile robot arm designed to enable you to act on data insights and perform real, physical work in human-centric environments.


Tablet Behaviors:

  • GRASPING, PICKING, PLACING — Manually or semi-autonomously grasp, lift, carry, place, and drag a wide variety of objects, including handles, door knobs, tools, etc.
  • CONSTRAINED MANIPULATION — Semi-autonomously manipulate objects with constrained movement (e.g. turn valves, pull levers, open drawers).
  • DOOR OPENING — Semi-autonomously turn handles and open standard push and pull doors.


API Options:

  • END-EFFECTOR CONTROL: Specify position, velocity, and force trajectories in Cartesian space; point the end-effector at a point in the world; perform tasks in contact with environment (i.e. drawing, wiping, etc.)
  • JOINT-SPACE CONTROL: Specify joint angles and velocities; move to predefined configurations


Equipped to operate through both semi-autonomous actions and tele-manipulation, the arm will open doors, pick, place, push, or drag objects, and adapt to new situations at the push of a button or swipe of a screen.

Be sure to check the demonstration video from BostonDynamics on the various tasks SPOT can now complete with the ARM payload!


FLYMOTION brings the capability and resources to upgrade an already-customized SPOT. With or without add-on payloads, we can incorporate additional radios, sensors, and processors for the most precise unmanned ground vehicle solution desired.


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