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Drones are great tools on their own, however, you can greatly increase their abilities by utilizing aftermarket applications. Gaining more detailed information, staying safe while flying, lighting your scene, and increasing automated flight are just a few capabilities available today. Below is our list of the top 4 drone apps to use for public safety operations.


Airmap is one of the most widely known and used drone apps available. It provides an interactive layout of airspace in your area of operations. You can quickly identify which class airspace you are in and if you need permission to fly. By hovering over a location you can quickly identify any areas of interest, such as airports, heliports, TFRs, and Special Use Airspace. The app also provides contact information for airports, so if you need to call the tower for clearance you can easily do so.

Airmap SF
Airmap 2
Airmap 3


The DJI XT Pro app is compatible with the Zenmuse XT Infrared camera. This app allows you to gain further control over your infrared sensor. Providing the ability to quickly change between color palettes to find the best view for identification of hot spots. XT Pro also allows for isotherms to be adjusted so you can focus on a certain range of temperatures and only see those, eliminating a lot of ‘noise’ in the image. With Radiometric models of the Zenmuse XT you can tap anywhere on the screen and get a temperature reading of that location. The Zenmuse XT offers amazing capabilities for public safety, and pairing with the XT Pro app increases that even more.

infrared zenmuse xt
infrared color palettes


GS Pro stands for Ground Station Pro. The app essentially increases the flight capabilities of DJI systems. Allowing for waypoint flights which are not possible on some of the enterprise systems available from DJI. The app also allows for setting a fenced area that the drone can fly in, limiting the distance it can travel. This is helpful if structures are in the area and you want the peace of mind that you won’t fly anywhere near them. GS Pro is a good app to have for more advanced and autonomous operations but takes some time to fully understand its capabilities.

gs pro waypoints

Lume Cube

Lume Cubes are small lights that you can attach to your drone and act as either scene lighting or an identification method for night flying. They see the FAA standard for visibility from 3 nautical miles and have strobe functions. The app establishes a bluetooth connection for remote operation of the lights. You can use the app to turn on/off the lights as well as change the strobe features and brightness settings. The cubes have a max output of 1500 Lumens, with two mounted to the drone it provides the ideal scene lighting.

lume cube app
lume cube inspire 1


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