Law Enforcement Mobile Command Vehicle

Experience unparalleled law enforcement operations with our custom-made Mobile Command Vehicles. Advanced technology for rapid response, global communication, and increased safety.

Trident Series

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Vehicle Category: VAN


As a advanced and multifaceted mobile command unit, the TRIDENT series provided by FLYMOTION boasts multiple workstations, storage for equipment, power racks, satellite/LTE connectivity layouts, and off-road functionality.


Key Characteristics:


Our proficient team has crafted the TRIDENT series with scrupulous attention to detail, fusing your operational needs with customized vehicles for the ultimate incident command and mobility. Utilizing our wealth of experience, we've blended innovative design with technical prowess to develop rapid-response vehicle blueprints, complete with the full range of advanced technologies. 


The TRIDENT series provides unmanned systems operators the capacity to independently control drones and the PTZ/thermal mast camera from dedicated workstations within the vehicle. Mast camera functionality provides 360-degree situational awareness – a crucial asset for your team’s safety. Equipped with cutting-edge cellular bonding and satellite technology, the TRIDENT series enables live broadcast transmission globally, establishing itself as an invaluable asset across various markets.

Maverick Series

Tahoe PPV Mobile Command Unit for Public Safety

Vehicle Category: SUV


Our MAVERICK series offers a swift deployment vehicle with cellular bonding technology, capable of streaming live HD video worldwide. Compact, robust, and mighty, the MAVERICK series redefines command and control.


Key Characteristics:


The MAVERICK series is crafted as an upgrade for your current department-issued vehicle. Our team of engineers incorporates ample storage for your existing gear while customizing the interior to accommodate UAS flight capabilities. MAVERICK, your reliable everyday utility vehicle, is built to withstand pressure if operations demand higher lifting power or swifter response.

Overwatch Series

Flymotion Overwatch

Vehicle Category: TRAILER


Our OVERWATCH series, a versatile mobile command center with independent power, is engineered with innovative features such as pass-through doors, rooftop access, indoor/outdoor workstations, streaming capabilities, and more.


Key Characteristics:


FLYMOTION's OVERWATCH Series, constructed as a rugged, self-powered trailer, is purpose-built for emergency services operations. Equipped with interior cabinets and solid surface workstations, our vehicle specialists will create a long-lasting solution tailored to your operational size and power generation requirements, offering support during extended operations and additional personnel callouts.

Storm Series

Flymotion Storm SUV

Vehicle Category: TRUCK or SUV


Our STORM series introduces an expansive range of technology integrations for weather tracking, documenting, broadcasting, event inspections, and more. Ideally, STORM users or operators operate with smaller teams, permitting more hardware integration into a standard truck or SUV chassis.


Key Characteristics:


FLYMOTION has designed the STORM series to cater to our diverse clientele. These custom-designed vehicles are constructed to fit mid to large size SUV chassis and are tailor-made for weather tracking and reporting. The STORM series has the ability to incorporate more technology into a compact space, requiring fewer operators compared to TRIDENT or OVERWATCH models.

Strike Series

Flymotion Strike Vehicle

Vehicle Category: OFF-ROAD


Defense organizations look to our STRIKE series for a highly-mobile ISTAR platform. Built on an off-road-ready, air-transportable chassis, STRIKE is optimized for homeland security, defense, and training operations.


Key Characteristics:


Our STRIKE series stands apart from our other vehicles, specifically built with defense ground team operations in mind. STRIKE can be utilized for various functions such as intelligence gathering, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR), as well as training for different scenarios. Despite its more open chassis, it allows for significant software and hardware integration, as required by our clients.

The Imperative Role of Mobile Command Vehicles in Law Enforcement

Mobile command vehicles have emerged as crucial tools in the realm of law enforcement, serving as a testament to the fusion of technology and strategic field operations.

Enhanced Communicaton

The backbone of effective law enforcement lies in clear and consistent communication. Mobile command vehicles facilitate streamlined communication through state-of-the-art satellite and cellular technology. This connectivity allows for real-time relay of information, making it possible for law enforcement to coordinate efficiently across various departments and jurisdictions.

On-Site Operational Base

These vehicles serve as an on-site operational command center during events that require a law enforcement presence. From managing a public event to coordinating a response to a natural disaster or emergency, these mobile hubs allow for effective control of the situation, offering a centralized location for decision making.

Advanced Technology Integratio

Equipped with a suite of cutting-edge technologies such as thermal imaging, drones, and high-definition video streaming, mobile command vehicles can improve situational awareness, helping officers make informed decisions in critical situations. These technological capabilities can also support surveillance, intelligence gathering, and evidence documentation.

Rapid Response

The mobility of these command centers enables rapid deployment to any location, aiding in the quick response to rapidly evolving situations. They can be deployed to crime scenes, disaster areas, or any locale that requires immediate law enforcement intervention.

Versatility & Customization

Each mobile command vehicle can be tailored to the specific needs of a law enforcement agency. Whether it's integrating certain equipment, adjusting the interior workspace, or enhancing off-road capabilities, these vehicles can be designed to address unique operational requirements.

Safety & Security

A well-equipped mobile command vehicle can provide safety to law enforcement personnel operating in uncertain and potentially dangerous environments. They can work within the secure confines of the vehicle while still having access to crucial equipment and communication tools.