Law Enforcement Drone Training: Empowering Public Safety with FLYMOTION

FLYMOTION has its roots embedded in extensive public safety operational experience accrued over the years. We take pride in having trained some of the most respected fire rescue and law enforcement agencies within the United States. It is in our essence and honor to educate these public safety professionals on the most sophisticated unmanned systems and drone technology currently accessible.

Quality Drone Training: Accredited Courses

We offer a range of Unmanned Tactical Application Courses, approved by Florida State University’s Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP). Search for the FSU emblem within our course catalog to identify the certified courses. Don't miss out - register as soon as classes are available.

The Power of Unmanned Systems Training

Across the country, fire rescue departments, law enforcement agencies, and emergency management personnel derive immense value from the deployment of unmanned systems in their daily operations. Attaining aerial perspectives for accident reconstruction, thermal visibility, or reconnaissance in potential hazardous territories helps in risk management. With proper law enforcement drone training, the lives of the innocent and first responders can be safeguarded, and in severe cases, even saved.

Realistic Training Locations for Unmanned Tactical Application Courses

We aim to provide training experiences that align with the demands of our clientele by utilizing realistic settings. Our training courses can be held at our high-tech headquarters in Tampa, FL, or a location preferred by the trainee. FLYMOTION also offers training at various affiliated sites, such as Guardian Centers—an 880-acre facility used globally by agencies and military units, conveniently located 90 minutes south of Atlanta, GA.

Hands-On Training for Effective Learning

Expert hands-on training is crucial for achieving success in operational environments. We equip you with the necessary tools and methods to rapidly ascend to higher competency levels. Our Unmanned Tactical Application Courses offer fundamental knowledge and real-world application by incorporating operational factors like vehicles, K9 units, red-teams, environmental challenges, and more.

The UTAC Conference: A Place for Innovation and Growth

FLYMOTION's UTAC is a nexus for innovation, collaboration, and development. Engage with Public Safety, Government, Defense professionals, subject-matter experts, and policymakers at UTAC and be part of the premier training event for unmanned systems response. UTAC 2023 will be held from October 24 to 26, 2023.