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Boston Dynamics SPOT For Public Safety

SPOT By Boston Dynamics

Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is an agile mobile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently. With added payloads and system integration, Spot can serve as a pre-programmed or autonomous situational awareness asset for any agency or organization across public safety, government, defense, and beyond. Spot is customizable with a wide variety of payloads including thermal and PTZ cameras, LIDAR sensors, data communications, live streaming, the ARM to lift, grab, and drag objects, and more.

Boston Dynamics Spot Yellow Front Facing



1.6 m/s




11.8" (30 cm)




13 ft (4 m)


90 mins




30 lbs (14 kg)

Unmanned & Autonomous

With the SPOT Enterprise model, operators can program SPOT to perform routine or on-demand data collection in remote locations with the self-charging dock. Docking SPOT can be achieved through the tablet or through the API.

ARM Tele-manipulation

Integrating the ARM payload allows near-complete manipulation of objects—semi-autonomously grasp, lift, carry and place objects up to 24 pounds and drag objects up to 55 pounds.

Integrated Payloads

SPOT's payloads integrate easily into the robot for a variety of purposes including a 360° field of view, visible light and thermal visibility, LIDAR, situational awareness, computational-intensive tasks such as machine learning, and more.

Scout Software Hub

Scout, a web-based application, enables operators to control their fleet of SPOT units from a virtual control room and is designed with a simple user interface to run pre-programmed autonomous missions or allow end users to manually control the robot.

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