Learn about FLYMOTION's latest webinars on the UAS industry, training, and technology integration.


Starting in 2020, the FLYMOTION Business Development team has created the Operation Summer Series webinar campaign. We aim to continue webinars in the future as the opportunities arise with partners, clients, and vendors across the industry. Our collective goal is to educate agencies and organizations across public safety, government, defense, and enterprise on training and integrating unmanned technology solutions within their operations.


Train Like You Operate

Critical Infrastructure Operations

Fire Rescue Operations

Law Enforcement Operations

Mapping In The Dark

DJI Matrice 300 and H20 Series


As a Veteran-owned company, FLYMOTION brings decades of military and public safety experience to your agency and organization—an accomplishment of which our leadership is proud. Not only are our solutions and services based on experience, our team immerses ourselves and some of our clients in real-world training scenarios such as UTAC. Our R&D engineers are eager to learn about new technologies and how to implement them in and around unmanned systems. With the help of our in-house 3D printing and rapid prototyping abilities, the possibilities are endless. Click below to explore our YouTube channel.