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Be Advised: UTAC 2020 is POSTPONED!

Due to the recent travel restrictions placed on many government employees and the international travel bans, UTAC 2020 is postponed until further notice. We appreciate your understanding as we look to reschedule the conference to a time where everyone who has registered will be able to attend.

As first responders, we recognize that your service and dedication to your community never ends. We thank you for the extra effort you are putting into your daily tasks as our nation preemptively looks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we understand the importance of UTAC and the coordination, collaboration, and training that takes place throughout the week, we also recognize the importance of your duties during this difficult time.

Please look out for a second email from us soon with some proposed dates in the near future. Please stay healthy and safe! We look forward to seeing you at UTAC 2020!

premierE fully immersive global training conference

The Unmanned Tactical Application Conference is the premiere fully immersive training conference that allows agencies and organizations to experience real-world scenarios utilizing the latest technology solutions.

Register to Join the FLYMOTION Staff
at Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia



Hosted at Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia

Guardian Centers is a world-renowned facility encompassing over 850 acres, with a sprawling 15 city block urban city-scape. This expansive facility allows us to train your staff in a multitude of real-world scenarios. The variety of environments, depth of training, and instructor expertise makes the UTAC conference a unique opportunity unlike anything you have experienced.

8 Real-World Scenarios


Our Active Shooter / Bus Hostage scenario puts the attendees in the middle of a real-world operation where drones, first responders, and law enforcement/SWAT teams collaborate to mitigate a deadly threat.

With real gun fire, explosions, and moulage role players, this scenario immerses the attendees into the chaos of an active shooter scene from the perspective of our first responders.


Transitional periods from day to night operations create challenges for first responders. With thermal technology and powerful lighting systems on drones today, public safety agencies now have 24-hour operational capabilities.

Attendees will discover the strategies in use today by field experts regarding active searches for criminals and/or wanted suspects.


With UAS’ sensors and cameras becoming more powerful and automated, Search and Rescue teams have been utilizing UAS more to assist with their response.

With 800+ acres of wildland and urban landscapes, attendees will absorb the tactics developed by leading experts in UAS/SAR as they conduct real-time searches for lost persons.


Utilizing drone technology for even mundane tasks such as routine traffic stops, law enforcement officers can identity subjects and threats from a safe distance.

In this scenario, we teach officers how to properly detect those threats and mitigate risk using smaller drone platforms. We hope this use of drones will become standard protocol in public safety.


The chances of a terrorist incident occurring in America’s subways is far too real. UTAC attendees will train underground in an on-site 1,700-foot subway system, resembling the Washington D.C. Metro line.

With smoke, darkness, screaming victims, and potential chemical/biological threats, attendees will observe how HazMat, CBRNe, and EOD teams use aerial and ground-based solutions to respond to underground terrorist events.


Since the devastating Hurricane Harvey floods, sUAS have assisted first responders as an aerial force multiplier for flood and swift water rescue.

With real injured victims trapped on rooftops clinging to life, UTAC attendees will be immersed into a 550,000-gallon flood basin resembling the 9th ward of New Orleans during a hurricane and learn UAS/Water Rescue response from the experts.


In this scenario, police officers and fire rescue will work in tandem to show how drones can deescalate a common occurrence such as a fiery vehicle crash. In such an event, the risk of harm to innocent bystanders is high.

Using new fire extinguishing technology, we will illustate how drones can deliver said technology, while keeping first responders at a manageable distance, limiting situational risk involved.


As drones become commonly used by pilots and hobbyists, we understand the importance of regulating airspace over critical infrastructure and temporary or permanent no-fly zones.

Using industry-leading systems, we will showcase the importance and effectiveness of placing eyes in the sky. We will cover the steps following drones detected over controlled airspace and how to improve security and safety alike.

UTAC 2020 Speakers

Colonel Danny R. Stebbins (Ret.)

Danny R. Stebbins has 40 years of law enforcement experience; 35 years with the Connecticut State Police where he achieved the rank of Colonel and Deputy Commissioner, the highest-ranking member of the Connecticut State Police, with responsibility for over 1,000 sworn troopers and 500 civilian personnel.

During his career at the Connecticut State Police, he served as a patrol trooper, a dog handler, Public Information Officer, Academy instructor, before rising through the ranks. He commanded many different units including the Statewide Gang Task Force, several troops and districts.  He commanded the troop at Bradley International Airport and also managed and implemented a 34 million dollar COPS Grant award from the US Department of Justice which added 226 Troopers in Connecticut. Colonel Stebbins spent over 5 years as Intelligence Specialist at the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut. His responsibilities included working terrorism cases and coordinating the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council for Connecticut’s law enforcement community.

He served as the commanding officer-in-charge at the Connecticut Lottery shooting in 1998 and was in-charge of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murder on December 14, 2012, where he implemented the innovative strategy of assigning a sworn Family Liaison Officer to every victim’s family.

UTAC 2020
Keynote Speaker


Romeo Durscher

Senior Director of Public Safety Integration | DJI

Born and raised in Switzerland, Romeo Durscher moved to San Jose, CA to work on a NASA space mission. After almost 13 years of working on NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, doing project management, education and public outreach and social media, Romeo has joined DJI, global leader in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as the Director of Education.

He advises and educates organizations, industries, Government and individuals on beneficial use, incorporation and safe integration of unmanned aerial systems. Romeo was named one of the 25 Most Influential People in the Drone Industry by the Commercial UAV organization and one of 7 visionaries in Public Safety.

Published author and aerial photographer, known science outreach and educator, social media leader and conference speaker. Co-Founder of Visual-Aerials; aerial photography and education at

Adam Jacoff

Robotics Research Engineer | National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Adam Jacoff is a robotics research engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), U.S. Department of Commerce.  He is developing a suite of 50 standard test methods that objectively evaluate ground, aerial, and aquatic system capabilities. He has conducted more than 30 international robot competitions using these test methods as challenge tasks to guide innovation and measure progress (2000-present). He has conducted more than 100 robot exercises to refine and validate the test methods with emergency responders and robot manufacturers (2005-present). And he has conducted dozens of comprehensive robot evaluations using the test methods to quantify key capabilities guiding more than $100M of purchasing decisions for civilian and military organizations (2010-present). He is now validating use of the test methods as repeatable practice tasks to focus training and measure remote operator/pilot proficiency in ways that can be compared over time and against regional or national averages.


Recognition of his work includes: The Presidential Gears of Government Award (2020) for exceptional delivery of key outcomes for the American people. The Department of Commerce’s Secretary Ron Brown Excellence in Innovation Award (2019), Gold Medal Award (2019), and three Bronze Medal Awards (2011, 2004, 2002); the Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer (2008); NIST’s Measurement Science Award (2014) and Applied Research Award (2006); Commendations from DARPA (2015), Dept. of Homeland Security (2014), U.S. Congress (2014); Dept. of State (2014), Army (2009) and several state and local responder organizations; International Awards from the Japanese Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (2003), the International Rescue Systems Institute (2011), and the ASTM International Standards Society Award of Merit for lifetime achievement with honorary title of Fellow (2015).

He received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.


Jon Fischer

Vice President, Business Development | Cradlepoint

Fischer brings more than 19 years of expertise in selling, developing, and implementing strategic business solutions, channel development, technology integration, professional services and management consulting.

Currently, Fischer runs the North America carrier business development for Cradlepoint, a leader in software defined wireless 5G, LTE and IoT. Previous to Cradlepoint, Fischer ran worldwide business development and sales engineering for bigtincan (BTH.AX), a MobileFirst cloud-based AI software company focused on sales content enablement and business process improvement.

Fischer has also served as VP of Technology Sales at OpenPeak, Inc., a leading mobile security and technology provider. Prior to OpenPeak, Fischer was the Practice Founder, Leader and Sr. Director of AT&T’s mobile security and mobile device management (MDM) practice. He was also instrumental in managing and expanding professional services at Nokia and Motorola.

Angad Singh

Business Development Executive | Pix4D

Angad Singh is a Pix4D Technical Trainer based in San Francisco. Angad’s interest in UAS based photogrammetry started when he realized he could get incredibly high resolution data which would enable his research to make micro level insights.

He has a passion for enabling people to understand the power and limitations of UAS to create great geospatial data. Angads research background is in Remote Sensing and Precision Agriculture from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.


UTAC 2020 Instructors

David Merrick

Director, Center for Disaster Risk Policy and the Emergency Management
and Homeland Security Program | Florida State University

David developed and oversaw CDRP’s Disaster Incident Research Team (DIRT), which deploys to disaster impact areas to perform field research on disaster and emergency management.  This team consists of EMHS and CDRP faculty and staff as well as FSU students who have valid research agendas or projects, and is partnering with other FSU departments to perform multidisciplinary research and data collection.

DIRT also offers UAS services to international disaster risk reduction projects and is working to integrate UAS operations with Florida’s State Emergency Response Team as well as urban search and rescue task forces.

As part of the applied research team at CDRP, David has extensive experience in emergency management training and exercises for all levels of government, facilitated plan review and development, and has provided expert technical assistance on a variety of governmental EM projects.

Jarrett Broder

Director of Special Projects | Florida State University

Jarrett Broder is the Director of Special Projects for the Emergency Management and Homeland Security program at Florida State University and Deputy Director of the Center for Disaster Risk Policy (CDRP). In these roles, he oversees all the information technology needs of both organizations. Mr. Broder holds a Master’s of Science from Florida State University in Information Technology.

Mr. Broder is a member of the Disaster Incident Research Team (DIRT) and is one of the primary faculty members for the EMHS/CDRP Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program. He has led research teams domestically and internationally performing a wide range of traditional emergency management and UAS related research.

Research and Projects include: (1) UAS in Public Safety, (2) Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS): Techniques, Technologies and Motivations from a Pilot Perspective, Best Practices in Post Disaster Data Management and The Effectiveness of UAS in Search and Rescue. Additionally research interests include: (1) Technology in Emergency Management, (2) Unmanned Aircraft Systems and (3) Counter UAS.

Assistant Chief Scott Mlakar

Willoughby Fire Department | Lake County, OH UAS Team Coordinator, Chief Pilot

Scott Mlakar is an Assistant Chief of the Willoughby (OH) Fire Department where he has served for 36 years. He is a paramedic, hazmat technician, technical rescue coordinator, and fire investigator. He serves on the Fire Chief’s Special Operations Committee in Lake County. He developed and oversees operations of the Lake County Public Safety Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) team, composed of fire and police officers.
It provides UAS support to all of Lake County’s emergency services and special teams.  He has presented at various National UAS conferences including Interdrone, Commercial UAV Expo Americas, and the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC).  He has published articles for Fire Engineering magazine on Public Safety UAS. He serves as an Instructor at Tri-C Community College as part of their Public Safety Drone program.

Rich Gatanis

Firefighter—EMT, UAS Coordinator

Rich Gatanis began his career in 2003 as a Firefighter/EMT with Southern Manatee Fire Rescue located in Manatee County, Florida. In 2015, Rich took on the role of UAS Coordinator at SMFR by creating a UAS program within his agency. Since then, SMFR has become a national leader in developing and implementing policy and best practices for UAS response in hazardous materials and special operations. His innovative and forward thinking led him to develop a device that allows a drone to carry chemical, gas, and radiation detectors into an area to remotely monitor the air in real time using onboard camera systems.

Rich’s passion for UAS in public safety led him to join the team at FLYMOTION the UAS Operations Manager, headquartered in Tampa, FL. FLYMOTION is a leader in the UAS industry and works closely with many of the public safety agencies across the country to develop drone programs, train, and provide equipment. Rich was instrumental in the pre- deployment of 22 flight teams across the State of Florida during Hurricane Irma. His teams flew over 650 missions and covered over 550 miles.


Detective John Loges

Task Force Officer (TFO), Drug Enforcement Administration
Detective, SWAT Operator, Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Detective Loges is a 25-year veteran of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. He holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management, and a Master’s Degree in Human Performance Technology. He has been assigned to the Fort Lauderdale Police Investigations Bureau for over 24 years in fields of Gangs, Narcotics, and Violent Crime. He is currently assigned to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a Task Force Officer investigating large-scale drug trafficking organizations.

He is currently the lead case agent on a Broward County Joint Initiative investigating Fentanyl related overdose deaths. Detective Loges been the lead case agent on numerous narcotics and gang related investigations over the last 24 years, investigating groups ranging from local criminal street gangs to drug cartels. Detective Loges is a nationally recognized subject matter expert for the DEA in the field of Synthetic Drugs and Narcotics Investigation.

He recently coordinated a trip and lead a delegation of US law enforcement to meet with the US Ambassador to China and the Chinese Director of the MPS Narcotics Bureau on FLAKKA and other Synthetic Drug issues. Detective Loges is also collaterally assigned to the FLPD Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team where he has served for over 20 years as an entry team member, sniper/marksman, instructor, lead scout, and tactical liaison team leader.

Ryan English

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer | FLYMOTION

Ryan is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of FLYMOTION. He is responsible for the strategic growth, company direction, and implementing the business strategy visions of FLYMOTION. Ryan leverages his extensive network to strengthen client and strategic partner relationships. He works with a dedicated team to develop solutions that set the future trends for numerous vertical markets within the unmanned systems industry.

In addition to his military service and civilian special operations background, Ryan brings over a decade of successful entrepreneurship to the FLYMOTION team. His forward thinking has, and continues to deliver groundbreaking advancements and innovation in the unmanned system industry.


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About the Event

Through the annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference 2020, FLYMOTION drives the industry forward, promoting the application of drone technology in response operations. 

UTAC is a hub for innovation, collaboration, and growth, enabling attendees of all backgrounds to exchange experiences, develop a deeper understanding of drone technology in the ecosystem, and direct the future development of best practices for professional drone applications. 

Join Public Safety, Defense, and Government professionals, along with technology experts and policymakers at FLYMOTION’s annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference, where you can be a part of the premier training event for drone response.



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