Mitigating Risk, Enhancing Situational Awareness, and Protecting Life are Always Priorities

FLYMOTION brings years of operational experience in military, public safety, and tactical operations to help develop efficient and effective public safety drone operations. We pride ourselves on being subject matter experts regarding sUAS and offering the best solutions by thoroughly understanding our client’s operational requirements.

Over the past few years, drones quickly became vital tools for fire rescue and police departments across the country. Proving their capabilities for search and rescue, surveillance, crash reconstruction, 3D mapping, scene overwatch, and many other scenarios, they are essential. However, not every department has the capability or budget to operate helicopters and keep them in service.

Even so, helicopters may not be the best tool for the job as they may not arrive in time or create too much of a disturbance for a particular operation. Drones do not replace helicopters in all situations. However, there are more times where a drone can effectively complete the task at hand in a safer, more cost-effective manner.

Endless Payload Capabilities

The real capabilities of drones come from the payloads required for the mission at hand. Whether utilizing FLIR Infrared sensors such as the Zenmuse XT2 or a high-powered zoom camera such as the Zenmuse Z30 (left), there are numerous options available. Some UAS can be supplied with drop systems capable of carrying and remotely dropping equipment in emergency situations such as CO2 activated life preservers, IFAK kits or even radios. Our customized stinger mounts (below) can hold chemical detection meters and radiation meters simultaneously.

Drone Technology Subject Matter Experts

FLYMOTION staff has supported numerous public safety agencies around the country by providing drones, FLIR infrared, electro-optical, and thermal sensors, command and control equipment, connectivity and communications solutions, integrative training, COAs/Part 107 training, and consultations.

Our team has experience in special operations, law enforcement and, fire rescue/EMS. Decades of experience allow us to best understand departmental budget constraints, limited personnel, and working against deadlines. From advanced piloting instruction to tactical flight operations, our team of experts brings the systems and training your agency needs to implement into your drone operations.

  • Aerial view for tactical advantage and scene control/analysis
  • Visibility in 100% darkness utilizing thermal imaging
  • Precision UAV navigation with onboard obstacle-avoidance sensors
  • FLIR thermal imaging sensors
  • FLIR infrared camera sensors
  • Chameleon Chemical detection
  • Stinger V2 Mount
  • Wingsland Z15 Gimbal Spotlight (bottom left)
  • HazMat detection
  • Drone detection

If we do not currently carry a solution you require, please contact us and allow us to provide a custom solution that will help you overcome your challenge.


If you’d like to request a quote on the equipment or services we offer, please contact us or call 800-548-5844.



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