Utilizing Unmanned Systems for Industrial applications is one of the most cost-effective uses of the technology. Saving money and time by sending a drone to quickly achieve an eyes-on perspective. We offer numerous unmanned systems that can be tailored for industrial applications, from thermal imaging sensors to high-powered zoom cameras.

We also have many command and control solutions suitable for industrial organizations. Our command vehicles can allow a mobile team to travel to different locations while inspecting their infrastructure. The recent addition of our Mission Case LTE product provides an even more portable solution for hard to reach locations.

Whatever your organization needs, whether it is UAS for inspections, mobile command and control systems, or UAS program development please contact us to assist. Also, be aware that we are experienced with infrastructure inspection utilizing UAS and we offer this as a service to many clients.

Please contact us at or call 800-548-5844 for more information regarding Industrial Applications of UAS!



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