Our Tampa Headquarters is minutes away from two of the main US combat commands, Central Command, and Special Operations Command. We value our location so heavily because it allows us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the smartest and most dedicated individuals our country has to offer.


Small UAS provide a fast, simple, and beneficial tool for C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) scenarios. Equipping the drone with various sensors such as infrared or high-power zoom cameras allows for the collection of important information that may not normally be attained through other methods. sUAS allows for individuals to remain a moderate distance from the target area and collect valuable intelligence on the desired target. Larger aircraft have been a key resource for the US military for decades and their value has only grown in the past few years because the information they provide can mean the difference between life and death.

sUAS allow for a quick deployment by an individual or team and does not require the manpower or resources necessary to operate larger systems. The sUAS also are orders of magnitude less expensive than their larger counterpart. The technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that smaller systems provide the capabilities previously only available to larger vehicles. We offer a number of systems that can meet the needs of those down-range or at home providing the necessary security to keep us and our allies safe.


Although UAS can provide invaluable information to those working tirelessly to protect us, they can and do pose very serious security risks when used by our enemies. To learn about Counter-UAS solutions we offer please Contact Us directly or call 800-548-5844.

Mission Case

Command and Control is extremely important to the successful operation of drones. The current method of operation is still developing and we believe that Mission Case pushes that method leaps and bounds ahead in the right direction. Mission Case allows the operator much more capability than a single controller and a monitor. The built in features such as wireless internet, live streaming, on ground local recording, and much more allows for the professional pilot to quickly and efficiently complete an operation. Please Contact Us for more information!



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