DJI Counter-UAS Detection System

FLYMOTION and DJI have been working closely on developing the first in DJI’s Counter-UAS Systems, AeroScope.  AeroScope can detect, locate, identify, and track DJI UAV. Due to its capabilities, AeroScope is  the ultimate C-UAS System.

Counter-UAS Systems: AeroScope

AeroScope is unlike any other C-UAS System. Rather than using a network connection like other systems, AeroScope taps into the protocol sent from the drone and the pilot. By intercepting the data shared between the UAV and controller, the system is able to:

  • Detect all DJI UAV within range
  • Locate the UAV and pilot
  • Identify speed and altitude of aircraft
  • Track and plot the UAV’s flight path

As a result of our work on AeroScope, DJI has selected FLYMOTION to be the “Certified” sales, installation and training provider for AeroScope. 

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Read about AeroScope’s basic capabilities and FLYMOTION’s involvement in the development of this Counter-UAS System.

Also, read what DJI has to say about how they have laid the groundwork for UAV public safety protocol in drone detection.




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