Timely crop data and high-resolution aerial imaging at a fraction of the cost of traditional piloted aircraft or satellites

Useful data that can help boost yields. Find potentially yield-limiting problems in real-time. Accurate mapping of field borders and topography.

Agriculture is one of the largest and most difficult industries in the United States. Adopting new technology is crucial to the future success of farming, which ultimately means it is the only way we will continue to eat. Drones are amazing tools for crop management, inspection, and mapping.

The use of multispectral sensors on drones allows for better understanding of the health of crops, finding areas with too little or too much water, finding crops that are unhealthy, and providing farmers with previously unknown information.

The ability to quickly and efficiently map a field using a drone cut hours of work off the day and can provide vast amounts of information when using the best sensors. This means farmers have more time and get a better result from their work.

Fertilizing plants or spraying insecticide can also be challenging, but using a drone can make this task very easy and quick. In a matter of minutes an entire field can be sprayed, leaving more time to accomplish other necessary tasks.

Real-time diagnosis of crop health including:

  • Thermal sensors to identify early signs of plant stress
  • Conserve resources by tailoring the use of water, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
  • Identify insect and pest problems
  • Reduce chemical load.
  • Assess the water content of soil

Drones truly are the future of agriculture and the more the technology is adopted, the faster people will realize the true benefit of having them. We offer a range of multispectral sensors and drones perfect for the agriculture industry, contact us or call us at 800-548-5844


FLYMOTION is partnered with Slantrange, industry leader in agricultural drone solutions



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