Safe, efficient, accurate drone inspections of all types for the industrial sector

FLYMOTION is FAA approved, fully insured, and possesses the experience required to provide comprehensive data for all industrial projects. Drones are used for many different purposes, however, one of the most common is for industrial inspections. Typical inspections can take many hours or days to complete. Depending on the project, the inspection can endanger workers and equipment if not done properly. Drone Inspections can eliminate these hazards and provide timely and accurate data.

Utilizing new technology can vastly improve your work and provide you more time to complete other pressing tasks. Drone inspection services are much more efficient and effective, as well as provide a better result. No workers are put in danger in order to climb towers or maneuver through equipment. Time is saved by the nimble and intentional manipulation of the drone. Full video and photo evidence of the project provide a source for secondary inspection and quality assurance.

FLYMOTION Drone Inspection Services

Why use Drones for Inspection?

  • Inspect difficult areas in complete safety
  • Specialized for degraded visual environments
  • Efficient – Inspections can be conducted within minutes versus hours
  • Generate comprehensive reports on the structural integrity of your projects
  • FLYMOTION is FAA approved, fully insured and highly-trained
  • Cost-Effective solution: Energy efficient and expedient
  • Slow speeds and lower altitudes enable high-quality imaging
  • Conduct inspections that would be dangerous or otherwise impossible

Drone Inspections are Ideal for:

  • Live Flare Stacks
  • Roofing
  • Remote Oil and Gas Platforms
  • Cellular Antennas
  • WindMill and Solar Panel
  • Structures including Buildings, Barges, Watercraft
  • Power Lines, Transformers and Towers
  • Bridges, Railroad Bridges, Piers and Docks

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We understand the desire many companies have to keep inspections in house. In addition to our drone inspection services, we also offer drone equipment and training. If you want to add drones to your organization, check out our industrial applications page and shop to learn more. Contact us for more information and for customized quotes on equipment and training.



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