Although drones have been popular for years now, the rules and regulations governing their use in the professional space have been severely lacking and many times difficult to understand and implement. We hope to help you and your organization climb through the webs of the regulatory framework and get up and operational in a legal and successful manner as quickly as possible.

The advent of sUAS in the consumer and commercial markets has created a firestorm in terms of rules necessary to follow for safe and successful operation. In the beginning the only rules governing commercial use of sUAS was the FAA 333 Exemption which was simply a bandage put in place until something better could be created. In July of 2016 the FAA released Part 107, a commercial sUAS license that allowed pilots to operate commercially without some of the difficult problems associated with a 333 exemption. Part 107 is a vast improvement over 333 but there is still much room to improve.

COAs or Certificate of Authorizations have presented another difficulty to the professional operation of UAS, particularly in regards to public safety departments. COAs require a lot of paperwork and provide the end user with some easier to understand rules and authorities under which they can operate. We have the resources to assist with completion of COA documentation.

We cannot stress enough the need for Standard Operating Procedures when standing up a UAS program. Drones are not toys, they are professional tools that can be dangerous if not operated properly. Having a procedure in place, like you would with any other piece of potential harmful equipment, is key to ensuring the safe and successful completion of your operations. We have created SOPs not only for ourselves but we have also custom tailored them to fit each of our clients.

If you or your organization needs help with understanding any of the regulatory framework, completing COA documentation, or creating SOPs, we are here to assist.

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