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What we do

FLYMOTION uses advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to capture photography and videography of television and film footage, special events, real estate and inspections, sports games, wild life, special events, and much more. Our corporate office is located in Tampa, Florida, but our staff and drones are “Fully Insured” to operate worldwide. We are Part 107 licensed and also hold an FAA 333 Exemption.

How we do it

THE UAVs we use include octocopters, quadcopters, and hexacopters that can maneuver in spaces people and other equipment cannot. The results are breathtaking aerial photographs and video footage – that perfect angle in the best light – whether for a professional film, a real estate listing, a special event, or any other occasion.

Our humans

Our team has over two decades of combined experience in public safety and they employ advanced safety techniques in all areas of drone operation. Whether running a simple photo shoot acquiring complicated aerial video coverage, clients can expect not only top-notch and service but also unmatched safety protocols in the aerial media production industry.

Our drones

Our humans use several drones, each of which is unique and able to perform a multitude of tasks when flying. These are primarily octocopters and hexacopters but we also have quadcopters. Each UAV captures brilliant, high-resolution footage for every project FLYMOTION takes on. Whether breathtaking aerial videography or crisp, clear close-range images – our drones are capable of acquiring the perfect material for every occasion.

Real-life applications

Television & Film

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer a high-tech but cost effective solution to meet the high-end demands of aerial cinematography. Our drones are able to capture angles unreachable by traditional equipment, which can be bulky and expensive. FLYMOTION’s media team works closely with producers, directors and advertising agencies to provide vivid and dramatic footage for even the most demanding television, film and commercial products. We feature the latest cutting edge technology to be able to offer Live HD Broadcasting from the air. Our Command and Control Vehicles (link to vehicles) are also available for live broadcasting anywhere in the world, utilizing the latest in hybrid cellular and satellite technologies.

Real Estate

We produce top-quality videos for virtual tours, and vibrant aerial details of the great outdoors surrounding residential homes, commercial properties and industrial properties. Additionally, we produce detailed imagery for safety inspections, construction projects, building assessments, and crystal-clear details of raw and developed land. Whether you are a Realtor, developer, or investor – the photos and videos our UAVs create can boost your marketing and sales efforts to help protect your investments and assets.

Special Events

FLYMOTION’s drones deliver exceptional still photos and aerial videos of any occasion. Our attention to detail and safety is unsurpassed in our industry. Whether you desire the magical moments of your wedding or blow-by-blow images of sporting and other special events – our drones are capable of capturing these moments in breathtaking perspectives that more traditional methods cannot accomplish.

Corporate Marketing

Marketing projects and campaigns are critical elements of the success of your business and other interests. In the highly competitive corporate world, people often do judge a book by its cover and first impressions are key. On these projects, our UAVs create cutting-edge, descriptive, high-resolution imagery that tout your expertise and abilities in your industry. Our high-tech HD camera systems provide crystal-clear images for use on websites, television, printed marketing collateral, billboards, banners, and other pieces that cleverly depict your endeavors.


When our drones are finished with the aerial media production, our team can perform post-production services to complete your project. We edit videos to create the look and feel you want to include sound, coloring, visual special effects and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our corporate office is located in Tampa, Florida, but our humans and drones are insured to travel and work worldwide.

Yes, we hold a current FAA 333 exemption and our pilots are Part 107 licensed.

Yes, we are fully insured for UAS operations. To obtain a copy of our COI (Certificate of Insurance) please contact us directly.

We operate multiple types of unmanned systems depending on the scope of the project. These drones use state-of-the-art camera systems to capture videos and/or imagery based on our clients’ needs. They are airborne for up to 40-minute intervals before requiring a battery change – and then they are flying again. We also offer systems that have permanent tethered power that can remain airborne for multiple days at a time.

Yes, we have multiple live HD video downlinks which allow clients to watch the filming live as it happens. We use the latest in technology from SmallHD monitors and Paralinx uncompressed realtime wireless high definition video monitoring.

Our drones can operate in most conditions except heavy winds and rain. FLYMOTION practices extreme safety on every project and we reserve the right to determine if we can safely operate during any adverse weather. Additionally, some cities or regions may have special regulations for UAVs we would be aware of and adhere to. Please contact us for special requests.

You can expect a crystal-clear, high definition finished product. Our drones produce smooth, stable footage with seamless transitions from scene to scene. Thanks to our brushless, gimbal technology the need for post-stabilization is decreased significantly.

We use a wide range of high-definition cameras to include Zenmuse X5S, X4S, X5R, X5, Z3, X3, Panasonic GH3 and GH4, GoPro Heros and more.

We feature the latest cutting edge technology to be able to offer Live HD Broadcasting from the air. Capture events and projects as they are happening live. We also have our TRIDENT command and control vehicle available for live on site broadcasting to anywhere in the world.

We conduct a safety check before and after each and every project to ensure our UAVs are in prime condition. We also have a detailed pre-flight checklist that is followed each and every flight. Additionally, our staff are experienced and trained in practicing the most extreme safety measures for themselves, our clients, and others who may be in the area during filming.

Because every client has unique needs, we quote projects on an individual basis. Please fill out our Get a Quote form or feel free to contact us and speak with a team member who can answer all of your questions.

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