Private Security Support & Training

Drones, Robotics, Communications, and Training Solutions for Security

Sophisticated Security Solutions

Security is one aspect of every agency, department, or critical infrastructure that should not be overlooked. Security depends on a properly balanced network of hardware, software, support, and training. Allow our technology consultants to develop a proposal to meet all your requirements or contact our teams to provide on-site support.

Unmanned Overwatch

With technological advancements, security is becoming more infused with autonomy—technology can monitor passively and respond accordingly. Our team offers a wide-variety of unmanned solutions that can provide critical overwatch to ensure your area of operation is safe and secure.

Counter-UAS (C-UAS)

Protecting a sensitive location from unwanted drone activity is integral. Counter-UAS consists of four main modes of recourse—drone detection, identification, tracking, and, if necessary, mitigation. FLYMOTION offers a full-suite of Counter-UAS products to defend and protect a variety of infrastructure, both mobile and stationary.

On-Site Support

FLYMOTION's operations teams have provided security at several highly-attended events. From aerial overwatch to airspace security, we have the operational expertise to provide professionalism and covert security. In addition to on-site services, FLYMOTION can provide 24/7 emergency technical support on all our technology offerings.


Aeroscope Mobile

DroneShield Rf Patrol

Elistair LIGH-T


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