Zenmuse XT Adapter for M200/M210/RTK

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The Zenmuse XT will work on the M200 series systems, however, the Zenmuse XT adapter is required in order for the sensor to interface on the drone. If you have a V1 Zenmuse XT sensor you will need to send it to DJI for updating. If you have a V2 Zenmuse XT, it has already been updated, however, it still requires the adapter.

Determining if Update is Required

To determine if you have a V1 or V2, check the original packaging. If the label states V2, it has been updated. If not, you will need to send your Zenmsue XT to DJI for updating, there will be a cost associated with this update. You will also need the adapter on V1 updated XTs. Examples of V2 packaging labels are below:

Zenmuse XT V2