FLYMOTION brings the capability and resources to upgrade an already-customized SPOT. With or without add-on payloads, we can incorporate additional radios, sensors, and processors for the most precise unmanned ground vehicle solution desired.

The Spot EAP+ (Enhanced Autonomy Package) improves Spot’s autonomy by creating larger and more accurate maps. Spot’s base stereo cameras have an effective range of four meters for autonomous mapping. The EAP+ LIDAR increases Spot’s sensing range and allows the robot to navigate spaces with features up to 328 feet (100m) away.

Spot’s base cameras work well for autonomy in small, indoor spaces like office buildings and industrial settings where walls are less than 13.12 ft (4m) away from Spot. LIDAR assists in autonomously navigating large indoor spaces like warehouses and outdoor spaces near buildings with features less than 100 meters apart.

In addition to including a pre-configured CPU (Spot CORE) and Velodyne LIDAR, the EAP+ comes with a Spot CAM for an improved teleoperation experience and enhanced autonomy in dark environments. With LEDs providing consistent illumination, Spot CAM’s color panoramic view improves the robot’s understanding of its surroundings to later recall the route. Developers can run their own OS on the CORE’s CPU or build custom applications for Spot CAM through the API.


• Length = 650 mm (25.6 in)
• Width = 190 mm (7.5 in)
• Height = 335 mm (13.2 in)
• Weight = 7.3 kg (16.0 lbs)
• Model = Velodyne VLP-16
• Measurement range = 100 m
• Field of view (horizontal) = 360°
• Rotation rate = 5 Hz – 20 Hz
• Operating temperature = -10 to 60°C
• Storage temperature = -40 to 105°
• Power = 8 W
• Voltage = 9-18 V
• Range accuracy = Up to ±3 cm
• Field of view (vertical) = +15.0° to -15.0° (30°)
• Sensor = 16 Channels
• Angular resolution (vertical) = 2.0°
• Angular resolution (horizontal) = 0.1°—0.4°
• Ingress protection = IP67
• Laser product = Class 1 eye-safe per IEC 60825-1:2007 & 2014; 903nm wavelength
• Integrated web server (monitoring & configuration)


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