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The ultimate solution for managing your drone operations.

Manage your drone operations

Live Operations

Enhance project coordination with real-time information from remote drone operations.

Flight Data

Improve operations management and ensure regulatory compliance with easy flight log recording.

Fleets & Pilots

Increase team efficiency and communication by organizing your teams and records around projects.

Map View

Rapidly assess your drone operations with telemetry data of your remote drone operations on a single map.


Live View

Enhance your workflow by connecting on-site pilots and office teams with a live stream from up to four drones.


Flight Logs & Statistics

Ensure compliance, understand equipment usage, view flight statistics, and replay missions with detailed flight logs


Secure Cloud Access

FlightHub stores your flight logs on a stable, US-based AWS server with operational standards pre-assessed to match SOC2 standards.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Keep your team in the air with tools to track individual equipment usage across its lifetime so that you can better make proactive purchasing and maintenance decisions.

Team Management

Improve communication and operational efficiency by segmenting your teams based on project, region, client, or any other identifier.


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