Specifically designed for more intense and in-depth fire rescue operations, the Fire Rescue DOIN’ IT Drone Kit provided by FLYMOTION covers all possible scenarios in regards to the sUAS, batteries, accessories, and extra equipment when duty calls. Below is a list of everything included in this DOIN’ IT drone kit.

(1) Matrice 300 Aircraft Body
(4) Propeller (CW)
(4) Propeller (CCW)
(2) Landing Gear
(2) Spare Propeller Holder
(4) Spare Gimbal Damper
(1) Vision System Calibration Plate
(1) Carrying Case (ruggedized)
(1) Port Cover (Set)
(1) Screws and Tools
(1) Manual

(2) DJI Smart Controller Enterprise
(1) Spare Stick Cover (pair)
(2) Smart Controller Enterprise Monitor Mounting Kit
(1) Smart Controller Lanyard

(1) BS60 Intelligent Battery Station
(8) TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery
(6) WB37 Intelligent Controller Battery

Gimbal, Payloads, and Sensors:
(1) Dual Gimbal Connector
(1) Upward Gimbal Connector
(1) Zenmuse H20-T
(1) Wingsland Z15 Spotlight

(1) Matrice Series D-RTK High Precision GNSS Mobile Station
(1) Matrice Series D-RTK Base Station Tripod
(1) Matrice Series RTK Case (ruggedized)
(1) Tripod Bag (ruggedized)
(1) USB Charger
(1) USB-C Cable
(1) USB Cable (with Double A Ports)
(1) Landing Pad (5ft)

Included With Purchase:
(1) Enterprise Shield Basic Protection Kit
(2) Hour of Live Online Training by FLYMOTION
(1) Assembly, Firmware Update, and Calibration by FLYMOTION
(1) Tech Support For 6 Months, With 24/7 Access by FLYMOTION

Optional Fire Rescue HOT ZONE Add-On Package includes:
(1) Drone Decontamination Kit
(1) Stinger Mount
(1) 4-Gas Meter
(1) Radiation Meter


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