DJI Matrice 300 Series DJI Smart Controller Enterprise


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DJI Smart Controller Enterprise features an integrated 5.5-inch 1080p high-brightness monitor that is clearly visible in sunlight outdoors. To facilitate teamwork, it provides an advanced dual-control mode. Two manipulators not only can control the same drone, but also can switch control over the drone or load between each other.

To keep the controller battery at the best state, fully charge the controller once every 3 months.

In The Box
Controller × 1
WB37 intelligent battery × 1
USB charger × 1
USB-C cable × 1
Dual USB-A cable × 1
Controller brace × 1
Backup joystick (pair) × 1
Backup joystick dust shield ×1
Document × 1

Dimensions: 178×164×108 mm
Weight: ~ 885 g (2 lbs) (without external battery)
~ 1.054 kg (2.3 lbs) (with external battery)
Memory: 32GB ROM + 4GB RAM
Charging Ambient Temperature: 5 ~ 40°C (41 ~ 104°F)

Matrice 300 RTK


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