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Drones, Robotics, Communications, and Training Solutions for Enterprise

Build Your Fleet

FLYMOTION is no stranger to adaptation within the industry. As a result, our team has pivoted to educate and provide the private sector with unmanned technology alongside supplementary and standalone hardware and software solutions. As technology quickly infiltrates the private sector, we offer a robust offering of Enterprise-level solutions so you can build your fleet.

Enterprise Solutions

FLYMOTION offers many UAS technologies and non-UAS technologies designed for Enterprise and industrial operations. Consider LIDAR payloads for geographical surveying or 2D/3D mapping software for construction planning and expansion. Thermal capabilities detect leaks and help monitor exposure levels to mitigate risk of a major incident.

SPOT Enterprise

SPOT, developed by BostonDynamics, is an advanced lightweight robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease. A rugged and customized platform, Spot has an industry track record in remote operation and autonomous sensing. FLYMOTION can integrate multiple payloads for the rigors your operations require.

Securing Infrastructure

Catch our "Critical Infrastructure Operations" webinar, hosted by FLYMOTION with Shell Oil's Deer Park Refining Company, where we discuss multiple use cases for Enterprise solutions. We explore how these solutions can assist in disaster response scenarios like Hurricane Irma where we deployed the largest UAS pre-deployment.


DJI Matrice 300 RTK




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