Drones, Robotics, Communications, and Training Solutions for Defense

Experience Makes the Difference

Our team has decades of combined military and public safety experience. We take pride in knowing that the solutions and services offered to our Defense clients are backed with true knowledge of what our men and women on the front lines need. FLYMOTION has worked with every branch of the US Department of Defense providing both solutions and training to some of the most elite groups, both OCONUS and CONUS.

Unmanned Technologies

Not every Defense group operates in the same exact manner and therefore, technology platforms are unique to each team. FLYMOTION excels in integrating UAS into DOD operations. We also support and offer ad-hoc networking solutions revolving around various aircraft for teams across the nation.

Elite Training

Over 250,000 Department of Defense professionals rely on situational awareness network for successful training and real-world operations. FLYMOTION's subject matter experts are well-versed in training operators and have had the privilege of training a wide variety of Defense personnel across the world.

Hyper-Enabled Operators

FLYMOTION understands the supreme value behind properly utilizing powerful and secure networks for cross communications in voice, video, text, sensor, location, and data. Hyper-enabled operators depend on situational awareness systems built on ATAK software platforms and cloud-based servers like TeamConnect. FLYMOTION offers a wide variety of mobile devices, connectivity and streaming solutions, drone platforms, and specializes in full system integration.



Persistent Systems MPU5 Radio

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1


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