Drone Decontamination Kit (DDK)

Operational drones are loaded with sensitive equipment. Traditional decontamination methods can corrode or damage critical components. The Drone Decon Kit developed by FLYMOTION in partnership with First Line Technology includes everything needed to safely decontaminate your drone.
  • (3) 200mL Dahlgren Decon
  • (1) Tactical Sprayer
  • (1) MG200 Electrostatic Sprayer
  • (1) 4’ x 4’ Shuffle Pit
  • (3) 4’ x 4’ Fibertect Pads
  • (12) 12” x 12” Fibertect Pads
  • (3) 24” x 24” Fibertect Pads
  • (1) Cold Line Marker (Green)
  • (1) Hot Line Marker (Red)
  • (10) Green Chem Lights
  • (10) Red Chem Lights
  • (2) Collapsible Media Buckets

Our DDK enables the removal of up to 95% of surface contaminants with FiberTect wipes. FiberTect’s unique three-layer design is a flexible, highly absorptive, and broad-spectrum protective fabric system.

Dahlgren Decon (DDG), a three-component decontamination solution that neutralizes 100% of chemical & biological warfare agents, TICs & TIMs, synthetic opioids, and other drugs.

The Dahlgren Decon is loaded into the MG200ESK electrostatic sprayer, which “wraps” the drone with a small quantity of Dahlgren Decon, where the solution dwells on the surfaces.

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