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FLYMOTION combines a careful consideration of client demand and cutting-edge technology to offer flexible and potent solutions to modern security threats. The C-UAS portion of FLYMOTION utilizes many tools to fit the ever-changing demands of today’s operational environments. If you are trying to surveil large-scale events, protect critical infrastructure, or are investigating a potentially nefarious rouge drone, we have the tools to make your mission more effective.


Drones are getting smaller and their power sources are more efficient. Improved features such as extended flight times and payload capacities are helping drones become more accessible to the public. It is critical to have airspace security systems and protocols in place to protect key infrastructure and large gatherings from nefarious actors.


FLYMOTION's CUAS solutions are able to detect, identify, track, and mitigate UAS threats. Receive instant alerts via email or text message when unidentified drones are detected within your airspace. Once UAS threats are detected, our solutions help to identify key characteristics and telemetry data.


Real-time monitoring brings unprecedented security and safety to your airspace with detection, location, identification and tracking capabilities. Law enforcement and other similar agencies are able to easily detect abnormal drone behaviors and respond accordingly. Drones operating on RF communication can be tracked using RF sensors, while radar detection can be used to track GPS pre-programmed UAS.

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